Our F.A.Q

What does Turnkey mean?
Turnkey does not indicate "Established". These websites have been built, created, and are ready to make sales, but they have NOT been promoted. We added this note because we don't want you to feel "cheated" when you realize there are no active members except the ones promoted to by turnkeyptc.com.

We want to be 100% CLEAR, We only build the websites and make them ready to take sales. Promotion and Profit from the websites is your job =) As is making the money from the promotional efforts =)

Q: Are there any hidden fee's?

A: NO! The fee's are simple, there is a domain renewal fee 1 year after the domain was purchased, this depends on the domain registrar, not us. There is $9.95/mo hosting charge if you decide to host with us, otherwise you may move the site to a host of your choosing where the fee is dependent on you, and there is the sale cost. There are no fee's beyond this unless you are requesting custom modifications or other changes that are not covered in the standard purchase.

With your purchase you get a full site ready to promote, so promotional costs are a factor, but it is far beyond a fee incurred by us and every business requires promotion :-)

Q: What sites do you have for sale?

A: All of our available sites currently for sale are listed on our main homepage of http://www.turnkeyptc.com/ . If it's not listed, it was either sold or taken down for updates, modification, promotion or other reasons.

Q: Can I move this website to another host?

A: Sure! We give you a full month of free hosting to allow ample time for you to move this to your own host for free after purchsae.

Q: How much money can I make?

A: This all depends on how you market, how many members you have, how you set your advertising up, but the short and simple answer is there is No LIMIT to how much you can earn with these websites.

Q: Can I modify the site?

YES! The website is fully modifyable, but we do recommend a knowledge of HTML, and for intense modifications PHP, MySQL and Javascript.

Q: What is the order process?

A: After a purchase payment is received, we will manually remove the website for sale, verify that the payment is received and not pending, verify that the purchaser has no previous activity to restrict the purchase (Such as previous unclosed disputes) and after we have manually verified all information about the order, we will send an email to the paypal email address with full website details for the site you purchased.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Due to the digital nature of the item there are no refunds for sites purchased unless otherwise authorized by Turnkey PTC or Zack Myers.

Q: When do I receive my login details ?

A: Within 48 hours we will contact you with your login details to the website you purchase.

Q: Do you offer support?

A: YES! We offer free support and will be glad to help where we can in answering any questions you may have. We do not charge for support unless it is regarding a custom quoted previously agreed upon enhancement or modification. We offer free support for any and all existing features and sites we sell so long as it does not involve a custom modification not developed by us.